Stakeholder engagement

As a non-asset based, specialised supply chain consulting business our relationships with our business stakeholders are core to our strategy and continued existence. This is emphasised by the fact that the Group’s primary business activities entail the co-ordination of and control over the forward and reverse movement of our client’s goods across the entire supply chain from source to destination. To achieve this the Group utilises the logistics resources and capabilities of specialised external logistics providers together with leading in-house developed information technology systems.

As a result, the Group’s business  model is highly client centric and dependent on the establishment of long term mutually beneficial relationships with both our clients and specialised external service providers, which are facilitated by constant daily interaction between our employees and these stakeholders.

In addition, as a result of industry regulations and market practice, primarily in the South African region, the Group is required to fund recoverable logistics disbursements, principally customs duties and value added taxes, on behalf of clients. Thus the ability to raise working capital through the Group’s shareholders and bankers is fundamental to the servicing of a client, and in order to access this capital and minimise credit risk, a strong relationship with the Group’s credit underwriters is essential.

Over and above these core business and financial relationships that are fundamental to the Group’s business model, we operate in an environment that involves the flow of goods from one jurisdiction internationally to another. As a result, the Group’s interaction with Government and Regulators in these jurisdictions is vital to ensure the adherence to specific regulations and procedures and to facilitate the timeous and efficient flow of goods in and out of these regions.

Santova stakeholder engagement report – 2022

stakeholder interacation