Working For Santova

Santova recognises that our employees play an integral role in our business, and we are proud to be an employer of choice.

Hear what some of our employees from our global offices have to say:

“In my short time at Santova I have enjoyed the culture in the team. I am excited about the vision of the Company and the possibilities we have to build the business and to capitalise on opportunities.”

“I truly believe we are redirecting to a position to allow the Company to continuously pivot through acquiring people/businesses who fit our culture and investing in systems to enable us to be versatile and be at the forefront in an ever-changing game. Exciting times ahead.” “After 13 years within the organisation, I am pleased to say that hard work, dedication, loyalty and passion is recognised and pays off.”

“The company is innovative, loyal and growing year on year.”

“The company strategy is very good and moving in the right direction. Leadership team of Santova is very good.” “I am very happy and proud to be part of the Santova Family.”

“Santova is a great company.”

“Santova is in a space where we are embracing change and implementing new structures/systems with a vision of expanding our global footprint and becoming a well-known name in global logistics.”

“An innovative business with quality leadership.”

Santova is also excited to have recently launched the ‘Santova For You’ programme, an employee incentive and loyalty program designed to express our appreciation and gratitude to our colleagues for their valuable contribution to our collective journey.