Santova Logistics is now certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) in both the UK and the Netherlands

Santova Logistics UK gains AEO Certification

Santova Logistics UK are proud to share that they have joined Santova Logistics Netherlands and Santova Logistics South Africa in achieving an Authorised Economic Operator certification status. This significant achievement reflects the dedication to assist valued import and export customers differentiate themselves from their competitors through multi-dimensional innovative global trade solutions.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) is a status granted by customs authorities in the European Union, including the UK, to businesses involved in the international supply chain. This accreditation is designed to enhance security and facilitate trade for companies that meet certain criteria related to customs compliance, financial solvency and security standards.

AEO accreditation is a voluntary status, and companies undergo a thorough assessment process to demonstrate their compliance with customs regulations and their commitment to industry standards. As an AEO accredited company is recognized as a reliable and secure partner by customs authorities, the status allows Santova to offer their customers several benefits, including:

  • International Recognition: AEO certification is recognized internationally, making it easier for clients to engage in global trade and ensuring a consistent level of compliance across borders.
  • Risk Mitigation: AEO certification ensures a reduction in risk around customs processes and compliance which results in greater protection through customs expertise and an internal quality management system .
  • Streamlined Documentation: AEO-certification ensures that Santova maintains accurate and complete records, which can result in streamlined documentation processes for clients through our online portal Tradenav.
  • Cost Savings: The efficiency gains and reduced risks associated with AEO certification can translate into cost savings for clients.

Santova’s Commitment to Customers

This accomplishment marks another important compliance step in Santova UK’s journey as a trusted partner for global logistics services, global projects and supply chain optimisation. Achieving AEO Certification ensures Santova continues to provide not only quality processes and services, but also a secure environment for our customers.

Contact our team of Supply Chain Specialists in the UK or in the Netherlands to find out more about our diverse service offering.