Technological Advancements


TradeNav is Santova’s in-house cloud-based supply chain management tool, which ensures our customers have real-time access to quality data necessary to proactively manage their supply chains.

Santova’s unique sophisticated suite of software packages interface with client systems and provide customers with web-based control. This has facilitated the Internet of Things (IOT) which offers businesses the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

TradeNav on Laptop and Phone
SureCargo on laptop


An advanced technological development providing an online, on-demand cargo insurance portal allowing users to seamlessly apply for instantaneous insurance cover for any mode of transport including road, air, sea, rail and multimodal. The portal can be used by insurance brokers, companies and individuals alike.

Santova Express

An advanced technological courier software solution offering automated functionality from online booking through to final delivery, including full track and trace features and customisable customer web portal in select cases.

Client Integrations

Data integrity is key to efficient supply chains. Santova applies secure, configurable and scalable integration mechanisms to obtain order information from clients and provide status, costing and invoicing data to clients.

Through interactive dashboards and automated reporting, Santova unlocks valuable supply chain data required for effective and proactive decision making.